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This is our first Catalogue of Ivan Drever’s recordings, now available as downloads from our online music store.  All downloads are in MP3 format and videos are in MP4 format. Some of the recordings are also available as limited edition compact discs (see the website for details of availability).

When ordering downloads from the website an email is sent to the purchaser with a secure download link. In case of any queries or if you require help with downloads contact us via our web pages. Compact disks and books are sent by Royal Mail and delivery is normally within 7 days for UK addresses and 10 days for the rest of the world.

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Waterfront was first released in  2003, recorded in the Highlands by Greg Fullerton and Peter Mytlewski.

“The Album is named for the Waterfront Bar which was Orcadian Recordings’ Headquarters for several years. Unfortunately, in 2011, there was a fire in the kitchens at the Waterfront but it has risen from the ashes to remain one of Inverness’ top spots for food drink, a blether and regular music. The building is steeped in the traditions and folklore of the past. When the public house first opened its doors over a hundred years ago, it was called “Friars Shott” after the Dominican Friars who cast their fishing nets across the river from the bank in front of the bar. Pulling in the nets was such a big social occasion that it was declared an annual local holiday and all the community would come out to help. The Waterfront’s website is it is in Huntly Street, Inverness IV3 5JN.”

    1. Angelina 03:56
    2. Cheating Side of the River 04:15
    3. Homeland 03:08
    4. Long December Nights 04:29
    5. Restless Leaves 04:15
    6. Raindrop on a Red Rose 03:29
    7. Forget Me Not 1 02:39
    8. Sing It 02:39
    9. The Weary Ploughman 03:02
    10. This Old Town 03:17
    11. The Curlew 03:21
    12. Forget Me Not 2 02:39

Recorded at Blackdog Studios and at Garthbeg Studios by Greg Fullerton and Peter Mytlewski. Ivan Drever Guitars, Vocals, Alex Leonhart Keyboards.  (back to contents)



Bless The Wind

Bless the Wind was recorded in Easter Ross in the Scottish Highlands in 2011.

“One of the great pleasures of this job is the chance to get to know, and work with different people. The album was recorded at Les MacPherson’s Near Field studio, in Evanton, North of Inverness in March 2011. Les is one of these people I’d never met before, and we had a great time making the album. Paul Eastham, who kindly did all the keyboard parts for me is another. A great musician and despite living at opposite ends of the country, thanks to modern technology, managed to get everything done quickly and easily. Andy Murray, my old sparring partner from Wolfstone played some great guitar and bass parts, Les did percussion, and my wife Linda added some vocals and voice overs.”

    1. The Wordsmith 3.44
    2. Crazy Some Days 4.36
    3. If I Could 3,49
    4. Bring Me Down 3.04
    5. Leon’s Weary Eyes 2.59
    6. A Hundred Ships 4.07
    7. All We Wanted 3.23
    8. Say It’s OK 4.38
    9. Pledged to Another 4.28
    10. If You Took Your Love Away 4.20
    11. Bless the Wind 3.55
    12. Give Me Your Sweet Heart 4.50

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Keep On Keeping On

A 2002 release, recorded in Easter Ross at Nearfield Studios. The download comes with a PDF of the album lyrics.

    1. Till you fall 3.13
    2. Wilderness 4.54
    3. Won’t you come home 4:12
    4. Life is what you make it 3.39
    5. Keep on keeping on 4.00
    6. Solitaire 4.00
    7. Beam of light 4.46
    8. Looking through Jenny’s eyes 5.16
    9. You can fly 3.21
    10. I could be good for you 3.56
    11. Best I can get 3.54
    12. Flower of  Kristiandsand 4.04
    • Ivan Drever, Vocals/guitars
    • Rich Young, keyboards
    • Scott Macdonald, electric guitar
    • Grant Clarkson, bass
    • Phil Anderson, all backing tracks on, “You can fly”
    • Les Macpherson, percussion

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Les Mcpherson at Nearfield studio, Evanton, Ross-shire, June 2012. Front cover photo, David Cooper.  (back to contents)



Music From The Vaults Vol.1

Ivan released “Vaults” in 2013 after a trawl through hitherto unreleased recordings.

“I have wanted to do this for some time now as the past ten years have seen a number of recordings and live versions of songs slip through the net.  There were also recordings of a couple of tunes which have never been commercially available before.”

    1. The Rizla 4.28
    2. The Ballad of James and Isa Cursiter 4.48
    3. The Flower of Kristiansand 3.55
    4. The Last Thing on My Mind 3.55
    5. El Caballo Blanco 3.25
    6. Brave Souls 3.00
    7. Restless Leaves 4.21
    8. The Speed of The Sound of Loneliness 4.14
    9. The Martin Johnson Set 6.36
    10. Blue Orkney Sky 3.06
    11. Fiona MacDonald’s / The Road to Joppa 2.47
    12. Remember 4.15
    13. Strathspey and Reels 4.11

Music from the Vaults (Volume 1) features thirteen songs and tunes, some with Ivan solo, some in collaboration with friends and, in some cases, relatives! Below are notes about the tunes, although Ivan is not 100% sure exactly where and when all of them came from it is certain that they cover the years from 2001 to 2012.

    • The Rizla – A great tune by the wonderful Scottish Fiddler, Charlie McKerron.  Ivan plays guitar along with Charlie on fiddle, Jim Hunter on guitar and Kris Drever on guitar.
    • The Ballad of James And Isa Cursiter – Ivan says this was recorded “live somewhere” , it was definitely recorded in Scotland!
    • The Flower of Kristiansand – Recorded live in Scotland, as Ivan says in his introduction: “for his Norwegian wife, Linda who comes from Norway!”
    • The Last Thing on My Mind – Again recorded with Charlie, Jim and Kris at Inchcriach, Aviemore around 2000
    • El Caballo Blanco (The White Horse) – a live recording of a tune which has never been on an album to date, Ivan wrote this after seeing a white horse in Spain.
    • Brave Souls – Recorded at Celtic Connections in 2002 with the band Clueless.  Clueless were the late Gordon Duncan, Sharon Kelly, Ali Hutton, Ross Ainslie, Malcolm MacDonald, Kris Drever and Brian MacAlpine Esq.
    • Restless Leaves – again from the Celtic Connections gig with Clueless
    • Speed of The Sound of Loneliness – The great John Prine song recorded in Scotland a couple of years ago.
    • The Martin Johnson Set – More from Celtic Connections with piping by Gordon Duncan and a 17-year-old Ross Ainslie!
    • Blue Orkney Sky – A different mix of the song that appeared on Notes from An Island
    • Fiona MacDonald’s / The Road to Joppa – A live version of two tunes Ivan says “I seem to have been playing forever”.  Fiona MacDonald is one of Ivan and Linda’s closest friends!
    • Remember – Another remix from the album “Notes from An Island” featuring some fine electric guitar from Stuart Shearer

All titles  performed by Ivan Drever except 1 & 4 Ivan Drever, Charlie McKillop, Jim Hunter and Kris Drever 6,7,9 & 13 performed by Ivan Drever  and Clueless.  (back to contents)



What You Hear

From 2014, “What You Hear…” is another album recorded in Edinburgh with Mr David Chisholm. As well as a batch of new songs the album contains reworkings of older songs some of which had remained unrecorded for some time.

    1. The Fisherman 3.07
    2. Sina’s Tune 3.21
    3. Angelina 3.33
    4. Waiting 4.12
    5. What You Hear… 2.09
    6. Lakes of Pontchartrain 5.23
    7. Rosalida 5.12
    8. Chrissie’s 4.17
    9. Rambling Boy 3.21
    10. Jacqui’s Wish 3.04
    11. Sweet Katarina 3.30
    12. The Hard Road 3.13
    • The Fisherman – This first appeared on an album called “Back to Back” which I recorded with Struan Eaglesham from Wolfstone back in the nineties.
    • Sina’s Tune – I’m lucky enough to have two beautiful granddaughters, this tune is for Sina, in Norway. The other tune, “The Dark-Haired Ruby” can be found on the Drever, McGuire, Young album, “Return of the Shoestring Orchestra”.
    • Angelina – Recorded years ago, when I lived in Inverness, comes from a now deleted CD “Waterfront” also available as a download now.
    • Waiting – This song was written during my time with Wolfstone. I’d completely forgotten about it until I found it in an old book a few months ago.
    • What You Hear… – A wee ditty I’ve been messing about with at sound checks for the last six months. Doubtless, it’ll be different every time I play it!
    • Lakes of Pontchartrain – In my opinion, one of the best traditional songs ever. Check out Paul Brady’s version on his album “Welcome Here Kind Stranger”.
    • Rosalida – Written whilst we lived in Spain for my pal, Jose. Rosalida was our local bar.
    • Chrissie’s – For my Ma. Written quite a few years ago and, eventually, recorded.
    • Ramblin’ Boy – Tom Paxton has always been a favourite songwriter of mine; I have wanted to cover this song for ages.
    • Jacqui’s Wish – This was a commission, which I sometimes do.  Let me know if you’d like something written and recorded.
    • Sweet Katarina – Another song written for a friend of ours in Kristiansand, in the south of Norway.
    • The Hard Road – First recorded in Orkney in the mid-eighties. A song of coming home after a long, six-week tour in America.

Recorded August 2014 at Bainbridge studios, Edinburgh. Produced by Ivan Drever, engineered, mixed and mastered by David Chisholm. Photography by Alexander Sedelnikov.  (back to contents)



Revisited (The Wolfstone Songs)

Revisited (The Wolfstone Songs) was released in 2015 and covers songs and tunes originally recorded when Ivan was the frontman with acclaimed Scottish band Wolfstone.

Ranging from the Bothy ballad “Sleepy Toon” through to live favourites such as “Close It Down”, the tracks feature just Ivan and his guitar.

    1. Close It Down 3.27
    2. Braes of Sutherland 4.09
    3. Flames and Hearts 4.22
    4. Sleepytoon 3.13
    5. Cannot Lay Me Down 4.39
    6. Cleveland Park/Banks of The Allen 3.44
    7. ‘Til I Sleep 3.59
    8. Banks of The Ness/Here is Where the Heart Is 5.21
    9. Hector the Hero/Song for Yesterday 7.22
    10. Homeland 3.28
    11. The Sea King 3.54

Recorded at Soundreach Studio, Edinburgh. Mixed and mastered by David Chisholm. Photograph by Hollie Drever. Compiled and mastered by John Boocock.  (back to contents)



Revisited II

This CD includes an immediate digital download. Recordings were completed in March 2016 for “Revisited II” which was released on May 1st 2016. The album features contributions by Leatherat’s fiddle player, Jono Watts and Iolair Sound Studios’ Stuart Shearer on guitars. Here is what Ross Muir said about the album:

“Orcadian folk troubadour Ivan Drever’s previous solo album “Revisited (the Wolfstone Songs)”, featured acoustic reinterpretations of some of Wolfstone’s finest moments, and was extremely well received. It’s no surprise therefore that we now have Revisited II, which includes Wolfstone favourites: Tall Ships, Glass and the Can and the rarer Battle (the band’s full-on version tempered to a more dextrous, finger-picking charge of the light acoustic).

“At the heart of Revisited II however are some of Ivan’s earlier or now hard to come by songs, along with a couple of tunes from other band projects. So sit back and enjoy the Orkney inflected baritone of Ivan Drever delivering new interpretations of, among others, the beautiful air Leaving Stoer, Viking’s Bride (the lyrics, found in an old book, brought to musical life by Ivan’s melody), a solo rendition of Bonnie Lindsay (a highlight of the wonderful Lewis Blue album recorded with Duncan Chisholm) and the charming ballad Nothing Can Stop Us Now, originally recorded on the Drever-McGuire-Young album Gifts.

“Revisited II also becomes the home for two of Ivan’s most delicate, favoured and touching numbers: Dark Haired Ruby (written for his granddaughter) and Walk Beside Your Shoes, the solo version of which was only previously available as a non-album track digital download.”

    1. Tall Ships 4.20
    2. Battle 3.19
    3. The Vikings Bride 3.23
    4. Leaving Stoer 3.26
    5. The Glass and The Can 4.03
    6. Bonny Lindsay 3.34
    7. The Early Mist 3.58
    8. The Wearing of The Blue 4.03
    9. Orkney Anthem 4.20
    10. Walk Beside Your Shoes 4.27
    11. The Dark-Haired Ruby 3.56
    12. Nothing Can Stop Us Now 3.46

Recorded at Soundtrack Studios Edinburgh Mixed and Mastered by Mr David Chisholm. All songs composed by Ivan Drever except for “Battle” and “The Wearing of The Blue” (Trad.Arr. Ivan Drever) and “Orkney Anthem” (T.S. Peace and Ivan Drever)

    • Mr Stewart Shearer plays guitars on “Tall Ships”
    • Mr Jono Watts plays the fiddle on “Leaving Stoer”
    • Mr Ross Muir wrote the kind words
    • The cover photograph is by Ms Kathryn J Scorah

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Live In Orkney

 Ivan was invited to curate an event at the Orkney Gathering in 2016 – this live recording was the result.

‘This live recording was made at Orkney Folk Festival when I was invited to get together a group of musicians to perform at “The Gathering”, an annual event. It was a great honour for me to go back to a place I still regard as home and to perform with the cream of Orcadian musicians and some very good friends. We had a wonderful time; I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labours.

‘A huge thanks to Stewart Shearer for pulling the thing together musically, and for his sterling job at the mixing/mastering desk. Massive thanks to Bob Gibbon and all at the Orkney Folk Festival ( and John Weatherby and Kris Koren of Sound Sense (’

    1. Close it Down  3.33
    2. Rose of St Magnus  6.15
    3. The Fisherman  5.00
    4. Ivan Drever’s Compliments to the Kirkwall City Pipe Band  3.58
    5. Waiting  5.03
    6. Roll Over Stonehaven  3.39
    7. Leaving Stoer  4.18
    8. Brave Souls  4.41
    9. The Dark-Haired Ruby  4.36
    10. Tall Ships  5.36
    11. A Peedie Heart  6.13
    12. Cleveland Park  5.40
    • Ivan Drever (acoustic guitar and vocals) was ably assisted by:
    • The City of Kirkwall Pipe Band: Pipers: Raymie Peace, Eddie Nicholson, Steven Cooper, Bill Robertson. Drummers: Sinclair Peace, Duncan Hill, Thorfinn Tait.
    • The Songshop Choir:  Emma Grieve, Ali Skene, Adele Muir, Lyn Campbell, Emily Turton, Aimee Leonard, Sarah Jane Gibbon.
    • The Band: Iain Tait (bass), Andy Cant (fiddles and whistle),  Billy Peace (piano and accordion), Dylan Pepper (percussion), Stewart Shearer (electric guitar, dobro), Graham Peace (acoustic guitar)
    • Special Guests: Hazel and Jennifer Wrigley play played keyboard and fiddle on “A Peedie Heart”. Colin J. Nicholson played accordion on “Leaving Stoer”.
    • Recorded at Stromness Town Hall on Friday 27th May 2016 by Kris Koren for “Sound Sense”.
    • Mixing and Mastering: Stewart Shearer at Iolair Studios Orkney UK.
    • Photography: Sean Purser

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The Works (Vol. 1)

 Issued in 2016, this is Ivan’s first song book. He has often been asked for the “dots” to his songs and tunes and this book starts that process. As well as the music there are also the words and an accompanying CD of the songs. When buying the book, you also get a digital download of the book in PDF format and the songs in MP3 format. Ivan also includes a short note on each song. The transcriptions were by Sandy Stanage here are his notes on his work:

“It was a privilege to be asked by Ivan to transcribe this collection of his work: I’ve long been an admirer of his songs and singing style, and the beauty of his instrumental melodies, which appear fairly straightforward at first glance but reward deeper interpretation.

“Early on in the process we discussed the pros and cons of transcribing the material in the way Ivan himself performs it, using his somewhat idiosyncratic guitar style and tunings, but in the end came down in favour of more or less standard tunings and chords, which we felt would appeal to the vast majority of people using this book.

“To that end, I have included my own transcriptions of some of the guitar solos using nothing more than the occasional dropped 5th or 6th string; but we also agreed to include simple melody and chord versions of these, which will hopefully appeal to other instrumentalists such as fiddle players etc.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Ivan on this project, and my thanks go to him and to John Boocock for making it such an easy task. Enjoy!”

Sandy Stanage
Fife August 2016

    1. Mrs Wylie’s Front Door
    2. The Flower of Kristiandsand
    3. The Fisherman
    4. Kristy Jane Drever
    5. Angelina
    6. Moira McCrossan
    7. Song for Yesterday
    8. 15 Jars O’ Rhubarb Jam Rag
    9. The Braes of Sutherland
    10. The Ballad of Pirate Gow
    11. I Could Be Good for You
    12. Forget Me Not
    13. Rose of St Magnus
    14. The Dark-Haired Ruby
    15. Bless the Wind

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Isles Ne’er Forgotten

From 1992 Isles Ne’er Forgotten was initially released as a promotional CD and Cassette by Highland park Whisky

“It doesn’t seem like more than 25 years since I was approached by Highland Park in Orkney to record an album of Orcadian and Scottish songs and tunes, but I guess it must be! It was originally produced as a promotional venture, given away when buying a bottle of whisky and so has never been available commercially until now.

“The album has been unavailable ever since that promotion despite many people asking for it after having mislaid or lost their copies. We weren’t sure if it would be an idea to re-release it and then its 25th birthday came along! We’ve enjoyed delving back into it, hope you do to.”

    1. The Sea King (2.24)
    2. Seona Dunsmuir (2.32)
    3. Hoy’s Dark and Lofty Isle (4.20)
    4. The Ballad of Pirate Gow (3.12)
    5. The Road and The Miles (5.05)
    6. Jenna Drever (2.26)
    7. Half Past Ten (2.49)
    8. The Road Home (2.26)
    9. Had She Been Aye (4.48)
    10. Keldabrae (2.05)
    11. Orkney Anthem (5.33)
    12. Cooper O’ Castle Yards (2.09)

Accompanying Ivan on this album is Seona Dunsmuir, an accomplished artist whose repertoire includes fiddle, guitar and piano. Seona studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and recently returned to Orkney.   (back to contents)




These 19 Tracks span Ivan’s career from The Days of Knowe O’Deil up ’til 2018.

“The idea for this album came about when having a discussion with my friend John Boocock about the possibility of re-releasing some of my older CD’s. It occurred to us, instead of doing that, it might initially be a good idea to release a collection/best of album. The possibility of introducing some of my older work to people who may not be familiar with it was also there. This is the result, hope you like it, we may even do a second volume!”

    1. Close It Down  3.29
    2. Betty Corrigall  3.19
    3. The Ballad of Jimmy Fry  3.38
    4. If You Took Your Love Away  3.25
    5. Sina’s Tune  3.23
    6. Sing It  2.37
    7. The Viking’s Bride/The Hindenburg  3.42
    8. Bless the Wind  3.54
    9. Leaving Stoer  4.16
    10. I Will Be There  4.15
    11. I Am the Night/President Garfield  3.18
    12. Song for Yesterday  4.33
    13. The Hard Road  2.53
    14. Sleepytoon  3.15
    15. Tall Ships  4.24
    16. Brave Souls  3.38
    17. Walk Beside Your Shoes  4.29
    18. Every Beat of The Drum  4.57
    19. The Rose of St Magnus  6.15

The dresser is courtesy of Miss Denise Charlton of Lunedale.   (back to contents)




This album was originally released in 2003 and features Ivan’s interpretations of some well-loved traditional tunes and songs

    1. Bon Claudy (3.08)
    2. Farewell to Fuinary (3.20)
    3. Gloria’s Tune* (3.09)
    4. Aye Waukin’ Awe (3.20)
    5. Rolling Home (3.25)
    6. Ae Fond Kiss (2.41)
    7. Mormond Braes (2.47)
    8. Rowan Tree (2.06)
    9. Jock O’Hazeldean (3.10)
    10. Rose of Allendale (3.23)
    11. Broom O’ The Cowdenknowes (3.13)
    12. Maggie Lauder (2.26)
    • Bon Claudy. Not sure where I first heard this song but have always loved the melody. The only other recording I know of is by the Fureys.
    • Farewell to Fuinary. Written by Norman MacLeod, Sir Maxwell MacLeod of Fuinary says: “My family tradition is that the song was first penned in English by my forebear Carid Nan Ghael (the friend of the Highlander) as a Sunday afternoon task set in a big house somewhere in Kintyre”.
    • Gloria’s Tune. The only tune on the album that isn’t traditional. I wrote it for a friend’s mother while living in Inverness.
    • Aye Waukin O. Robert Burns is credited with this song which he “brushed up” from an earlier work. His version is the most commonly known. It shares part of its lyric with a number of other songs including The Hexamshire Lass” as performed by Fairport Convention and others.
    • Rolling Home. I first heard this song by the excellent singer Iain MacGillvery from Inverness. The song has its roots in a poem by Scots poet and songwriter, Charles Mackay. His journal says it was written “on board the Europa, homeward bound, May 26 1858”.
    • Ae Fond Kiss. A beautiful song by Scotland’s bard, Robert Burns. Written for his close friend Agnes Maclehose, Burns wrote ‘Ae fond kiss’ after their final meeting and sent it to her on 27 December 1791 before she departed Edinburgh for Jamaica to be with her estranged husband.
    • Mormond Braes. I’ve no idea where I first heard this, it has always been at the back of my mind. Mormond Braes is near Strichen in Aberdeenshire.
    • The Rowan Tree. Learned at the foot of my grandmother, her favourite song. There are words to this tune, written by Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne of Perthshire.
    • Jock O Hazeldean. Always a favourite, the song has been covered by many artists over the years. It was written by Sir Walter Scott based on a much older ballad.
    • Rose of Allandale. I first heard this from the singing of the excellent Mary Black. Whether the song title is about the town in Hexamshire or somewhere in Scotland is open to question. It was written by Charles Jeffreys and Sidney Nelson in the 1840s.
    • Broom O the Cowdenknowes. Another song, like many on here, which I learned when a little boy. A traditional Scottish love ballad. Certainly, traceable back to the seventeenth century, its exact origin is unknown.
    • Maggie Lauder. Learnt from the wonderful Dick Gaughan, do check out his version. A very old song written by Francis Sempill of Beltrees in Renfrewshire in the 1600s

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Homeland was originally released on Attic Records in 1990 and released on cassette by Attic Records as AT023.

This digital version is released after many requests from around the world. We’ve included the original notes from that cassette and done some proof-reading! Almost thirty years after the original release, it still carries the freshness and vitality of those times: the session in a bar out in the Northern Isles which went on until the wee small hours. Ivan still performs many of these songs in his live concerts. If you have a copy of this album on the original cassette bring it along to a concert and Ivan will no doubt sign it for you!

    1. Which Way (Drever) 2:53
    2. Lady O’ Graems’ha (Drever/Trad.) 4:13
    3. I Will Be There (Drever) 4:14
    4. Half Past Ten (Trad Arr. Drever) 2.53
    5. Holms O’Ire (K. Cooper) 1.16
    6. Sea of Shadows (Drever) 2.23
    7. Gathering the Kelp (Drever) 2.17
    8. He Weeps for Her/McLennan’s (Drever/Trad.) 3.54
    9. Song of Spates (Drever/Alexander) 2.02
    10. The Hard Road (Drever) 2.54
    11. Grace’s/As I Leave Behind Nedien (Drever/McCarthy) 3.28
    12. Corner House Jig/The Dietitian/Charlie Hunter’s (Trad./Drever/Trad.) 3.29
    • Ivan: all vocals, steel and nylon strung guitars, synth, whistle, bass, bouzouki, mandolin and percussion.
    • Billy: Korg Synth (tracks 3 and 6); piano (tracks 7 and 8).
    • Jim: 5 string banjo (track 5)
    • Ken: bongos (track 4)

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Every Breaking Heart

Every Breaking Heart was first issued in 1992 it has been unavailable for many years. The download comes with the original sleeve notes and full details of the original recording.

    1. I Am the Night/President Garfield 3.14
    2. Here’s to You/Planxty Hewlett  3.05
    3. A New Day 3.35
    4. The Little Ones 3.17
    5. For You/High Level Hornpipe 3.39
    6. On My Land 3.04
    7. Tir Aluinn/King’s Own Herbacious Borderers 2.35
    8. Maggie’s Song 2.52
    9. Rowan Drever 4.03
    10. To Leave You 3.49
    11. The Bonar Built Piper/Road to Mount Tinnierun/Dinner’s Dangerous River Jacket 3.49
    12. Had She Been Aye 4.50
    13. Fair Fiona’s Hand 2.40
    14. Farewell to Orkney 3.49
    • Ivan Drever – Vocals, Guitars, Cittern, Percussion
    • Duncan Chisholm – Fiddle
    • Struan Eaglesham – Keyboards, Bodhran
    • Allan Wilson – Small Pipes
    • Micky Austin – Banjo

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Falkirk Folk Club Live 2019

From 2019 this is Ivan’s first solo live recording and is also available as a video download

“In the spring of 2019, I went on a small tour of Scotland. One of the dates I was looking forward to was in Falkirk where the Folk Club meets at the Tollbooth Tavern. The club not only recorded my set but they also provided us with a copy of the recordings which have been compiled for this release, my first ever live album. There are no overdubs or studio gimmickry; this was how I sounded on the night, warts and all!

When Charlie Tibbles from the Falkirk Folk Club passed the recording on, we were surprised at the quality of the recording. It captures the essence of recent live performances and the material I’ve performed this past two years. Falkirk Folk Club is a warm, welcoming gathering and I’m grateful to them for contributing so positively to this recording. Find out more about the range of events and other things they are involved in via their website which is to be found at: and do visit them if you are in the area.”

    1. The Ballad of James and Isa Cursitor (4:32)
    2. The Rose of St Magnus (5:47)
    3. The Ballad of Jimmy Fry (3:52)
    4. El Caballo Blanco (4:06)
    5. Rosalida (5:41)
    6. Walk Beside Your Shoes (4:22)
    7. A Peedie Heart (4:30)
    8. Close It Down (2:46)
    9. The Rowan Tree (3:46)
    10. My Father’s Son (3:40)
    11. Fiona MacDonald’s / The Road to Joppa (3:24)
    12. Tall Ships (4:27)
    13. The Dark-Haired Ruby (4:13)
    14. The Fisherman (3:37)

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Black White and Blue

Black White and Blue is an album Ivan Recorded with Mr. Wayne Mackenzie in 2000 at Shinburn Studios in Ardersier Scotland.

This edition contains two bonus tracks one which Ivan has often played live – “The Braes of Gleniffer” and “Homeland” in a version which originally appeared on a cassette released by Ross and Cromarty District Council, “The Best of Ross and Cromarty Volume”.

    1. Glasgow Rain (3:38)
    2. Annie Laurie (3:47)
    3. Fiona Holloway’s/The Dashing White Spirit (4:01)
    4. The North Side (3:08)
    5. Charlie’s Hame (3.52)
    6. Stevie Sings the Blues (2:30)
    7. Moira McCrossan (2:57)
    8. Where I’m Going to Be (3:54)
    9. Paul Haigh’s Last Bus/Kye Goodman (5:16)
    10. Brothers in Arms (3:19)
    11. Braes of Gleniffer (3:09)
    12. Homeland (2:52)
    • Ivan Drever – Vocals Acoustic and Electric Guitar
    • Andy Simmers – All Keyboards
    • Duncan Chisholm – Fiddle
    • Andy Duncan – Percussion
    • Linda Asbjornsen – backing Vocals on “Where I’m Going to Be”
    • Dave Foster – Bass on Homeland
    • Produced by Ivan it was mixed and engineered by Mr. Wayne Mackenzie.

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Falkirk Folk Club Live 2019 Video

This hour long MP4 format video download also includes MP3 copies of the tunes performed in concert at the Falkirk Folk Club in 2019.

“In the spring of 2019 I went on a small tour of Scotland. One date I was looking forward to was in Falkirk where the Folk Club meets at the Tollbooth Tavern. The club not only recorded my set but they also provided us with a copy of the recordings which have been compiled for my first ever live album. There were no overdubs or studio gimmickry; that was how I sounded on the night, warts and all! When Charlie Tibbles from the Falkirk Folk Club passed the recording on, we were surprised at the quality of the recording.

“It captured the essence of recent live performances and the material I’ve performed this past two years. And we were delighted to put it out as a limited-edition compact disk. Charlie also provided us with video footage of the performance and here it is in all its digital glory! The video is in MP4 format the download also includes a digital audio recording of the performance. Please do let us know if you spot any differences!

“Falkirk Folk Club is a warm, welcoming gathering and I’m grateful to them for contributing so positively to this recording. Find out more about the range of events and other things they are involved in via their website and do visit them if you are in the area.”

    1. The Ballad of James & Isa Cursitor
    2. The Rose of St Magnus
    3. The Ballad of Jimmy Fry
    4. El Caballo Blanco
    5. Rosalida
    6. Walk Beside Your Shoes
    7. A Peedie Heart
    8. Close It Down
    9. Fiona MacDonald’s/Road to Joppa
    10. Won’t You Come Home
    11. Tall Ships
    12. The Fisherman
    13. The Dark-Haired Ruby

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The Instrumental Album

A collection of instrumental tracks from across Ivan’s career.

“For some time now, I have considered compiling an album of instrumentals from the past four decades and here it is! This looks like it is only volume I… there could well be more to follow”

    1. The Elbow Room 2:33 *
    2. Christy Jane Drever 4:08
    3. Holm Band Tune/Anne Barbour 2:09 *
    4. The Arab Set 3:51 **
    5. El Caballo Blanco 3:35
    6. Bonar Built Piper 4:01
    7. Keldabrae 2:12
    8. Dominic McGowan/Ship in Full Sail 2:37 *
    9. The Rowan Tree 2:08
    10. Lewis Blue 3:35 ***
    11. Kinnairdie’s Away Wi The Geese/ John Boocock’s Nae Reel 2:51
    12. Val’s Reel/Tor Reid Hornpipe/The Firehose 3:24 *
    13. Seona Dunsmuir 2:37
    14. Kazakhstan 5:15 **
    • * with Knowe O’Deil
    • ** with Wayne Mackenzie
    • *** with Duncan Chisholm

Those involved in making the music also include: Seona Dunsmuir, Ian Cooper, Colin Pirie, Billy Peace, Kris Drever, Stevie Saint, and Allan Wilson.

Photograph by Linda Asbjornsen. Compilation by John Boocock   (back to contents)




Drever McGuire Young (DMY) came together in early 2012 and released “Gifts” in 2012.

    1. Candle in The Storm 4.48
    2. Nothing Can Stop Us Now 3.29
    3. If You Took Your Love Away 3.24
    4. Blue Turns to Red 5.23
    5. So Strong 3.14
    6. My Father’s Son 3.50
    7. Roll Over Stonehaven 3.35
    8. Gifts 3.39
    9. It’s OK to Dream 4.40
    10. Forget Me Not 3.56
    11. Billy’s War 4.20
    12. You Take the Rhythm 3.52

Ivan had worked with & known Frankie over a number of years and met Rich at a folk club in Scotland where they played together for the first time. Their music is an exciting & eclectic sound that encompasses a huge variety of musical influences from their individual backgrounds. Ivan provides Guitar and Vocals, Frank McGuire is on percussion whistle and vocals and Rich Young plays guitar, keyboards, harmonica accordion and provides additional vocals.

Frankie McGuire: Frankie’s career has covered a wide range of world music. His percussion skills attracted the attention of the legendary Jordi Savall with whom he toured and recorded, playing to tens of thousands of people in Europe, Asia & the States, as well as winning several album awards. He was also an integral part of the iconic Lyra Celtica who blended a wide range of Celtic influences into their music earning them critical acclaim all over the globe. Frankie’s percussion & whistle playing have found him in demand as a session player in a variety of musical genres including folk, blues, jazz classical & gospel. He is equally at home playing to huge crowds in Russia or at a session in an intimate Scottish bar.

Rich Young: Originally from the south of England, Rich is now resident in Scotland. He has played, performed & recorded a hugely diverse range of music. Amongst his credits he lists working with Small Faces/Who drummer Kenney Jones, Eurythmics Dave Stewart, Loudon Wainwright, Dire Straits David Knopfler, & Steve Marriott. He also played on the album ‘That Might Be It Darling’ by  King Creosote. Outside of Drever McGuire Young he plays solo shows and writes music for radio & TV as well as producing & recording music for other artistes.   (back to contents)



The Return of the Shoestring Orchestra

Drever McGuire Young (DMY) came together in early 2012 and released “The Return of the Shoestring Orchestra” in 2014.

    1. All Around These Shores
    2. Just Like A Rainbow
    3. Every Beat of The Drum
    4. The Rose of St Magnus
    5. Don’t You Know Me?*
    6. Dark Haired Ruby
    7. Vennesla
    8. This Old Town
    9. Native’s Return**
    10. Long Way Down
    11. You Got My Number
    12. Sina’s Tune

All songs Drever except * Young and ** McGuire Orcadian Recordings/Northstar   (back to contents)



October Bridge

The only album recorded by Ivan and Dick Clarke released in 1988.

After Knowe o’ Deil’s final album in 1987, Ivan Drever’s partner Ian Cooper changed direction bringing their partnership to an end. Sadly “Coop” passed away in July 2019. Ivan Drever soon teamed up with Dick Clarke from Skye.

This is their only album and it shows Ivan and Dick as a very powerful acoustic duo. Ivan and Dick performed on both the UK folk circuit and the international stage. Their mixture of traditional and self-penned songs was clearly very popular with audiences as a recently discovered sound desk recording of a concert in Boston USA from 1989 shows.

The vinyl and cassette editions of this album are much sought after and very rarely appear for sale, hence this digital re-issue.

    1. H.I.D.B. Grant’s Farewell to The Final Instalment/The Austrian Ladies  3.07
    2. The Foaming Sea/Nancy  3:57
    3. Dick Head’s Delight/The Three Midwives  2:43
    4. Mrs Macdonald’s Lament  4:25
    5. The Minister’s Dog/The Bells of St. Louis  2:43
    6. Seona Dunsmuir  2:32
    7. Song for Yesterday  4:30
    8. Stronsay Waltz/The Marino Waltz  2:41
    9. Day of The Drover/The Eavesdropper  4:06
    10. Lorne Leader  4:30
    11. Old Mountain Road/The Haggis/The Blashie Night  3:06
    • Ivan Drever (vocals, cittern, guitar, whistle, mandola)
    • Dick Clarke (guitar, vocal, harmonica, keyboards, bodhran)

Originally released on vinyl and cassette by Attic Records AT021 in 1988.   (back to contents)




Orcadia was the first album by the Knowe O’Deil. Released in 1986 it features Ivan, Ian Pirie, his partner Carolyn and the late Ian Cooper. The download comes with details of the songs in PDF format.

    1. Inganess, Danni’s Favourite, The Orkney Hornpipe 3.42
    2. Aye Waulkin’ O 4.17
    3. My Dungannon Sweetheart 2.13
    4. Here’s Tae Thy Health 3.51
    5. Fiddler’s Cramp 2.07
    6. When the Night Waves Boom 3.44
    7. The Elbow Room, Knowe O’Deil 2.31
    8. Old Polka, Bergen Polka 2.59
    9. Road to Dundee 5.00
    10. Violet Eunson 2.24
    11. Woo’d an’ Married an’ A 2.54
    12. Mrs Garland’s Strathspey, West’s Hornpipe 2.52
    13. Jock O’ Hazeldean 2.37
    14. Whaal’s Rost, I Want to Hold Your Hand, Lowe’s Hornpipe 3.19

Cover by Karl Cooper

Original recording by Owen Tierney at Attic Studios, Keldabrae, Orkney for Attic Records in 1986   (back to contents)



Orkney Anthem

Orkney Anthem is the 1986 recording by the Knowe O’Deil. For this recording the band had become a duo, just Ivan and Ian Cooper. It received a good review in Folk Roots, issue number 41.

    1. Birsay Beach/Skeldaquoy Point/Trumland House Jig 02:21
    2. Orkney Anthem 05:54
    3. Miss Jenna Drever/Sheena Wellington’s/I.C. Drever’s Compliments to Colin J Pirie * 03:36
    4. Gairsay 02:23
    5. Betty Corrigall * 03:18
    6. Strombery Fields Furtiver/Aboot Hands Wi’ Your Feet/The Sanday Reel * 03:43
    7. Love That’s Passed Awa 04:49
    8. Val’s Reel/Tor Reid Hornpipe/Firehose Reel 03:25
    9. Hoy’s Dark and Lofty Isle 05:24
    10. Wearing O’ The Blue 04:23
    11. Standing Stones/Master David Austin * 02:48
    • Ivan Drever: Cittern, Guitar, Whistle, Shuttle Pipes, Mandolin, Vocals
    • Ian Cooper: Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Percussion
    • Sound Engineer: Owen Tierney

Originally released on Attic Records AT008 in 1986. All songs © MCPS Drever */Trad. Arr. Drever.   (back to contents)



The Viking’s Bride

The Viking’s Bride was released by The Knowe O’Deil in September of 1987 by Attic Recordings as AT015.

    1. Mrs Wylie’s Front Door
    2. Selkie o’ Suleskerry
    3. Holm Band Tune/Mrs Anne Barbour
    4. Sir Olaf/Swaapan for Aaks
    5. Green Fields of Orkney/Scapa Flow
    6. Fifteen Jars o’ Rhubarb Jam Rag
    7. The Children of Alba
    8. Dominic McGowan / The Ship in Full Sail
    9. Mrs Violet Eunson
    10. The Sea King/Duncan’s Favourite
    11. Song for Isa
    12. The Viking’s Bride/The Hindenburg Line

These are the original liner notes:

    • Mrs Wylie’s Door was written after the acquisition of the latter, which enabled us to build a bunk bed system in the van. This works reasonably well depending on which way the water comes in during the night.
    • The Selkie o’ Suleskerry is perhaps one of the best known of the Orkney songs, and, with a beautiful melody, should not be left out of any local collection.
    • The Holm Band is traditional. Ivan wrote Mrs Ann Barbour for a friend who gives regal treatment at her hotel, for guests of the Girvan Folk Club in Ayrshire.
    • Sir Olaf is traditional. Swaapan for Aaks describes the precarious nature of supplementing the diet in Orkney 200 years ago. This involved climbing down and leaning over cliff tops with a net on the end of a long stick and catching the bird.
    • We got The Green Fields of Orkney from Brian Findlay, a local piper. It was written by Pipe Major J. Cumming. The second tune in the set is from the fiddle playing of J. Johnstone.
    • We must thank the producer’s wife, Linda Tierney, for Fifteen Jars o’ Rhubarb Jam Rag. The tune had been written and recorded without a title. Linda was making jam while we were struggling for a name.
    • Children of Alba is the story of people going home, in this case, to Scotland.
    • Dominic McGowan and Ship in Full Sail are two ‘session’ tunes which we have been playing for some time.
    • We actually played Mrs Violet Eunson on our first album “Orcadia,”  but owing to difficulties in obtaining it and the number of people asking for it, we have it here again. It was written by  David Eunson one of Orkney’s finest tunesmiths.
    • The music for The Sea King is traditional, the words by B. Cornwall. Duncan’s Favourite was written by Ivan for his son. Ivan also wrote Song for Isa for his grandmother.
    • The Viking’s Bride was a poem written by R. M. Fergusson which Ivan set to music. The Hindenburg Line was written by John Rendall, from the island of Westray.

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Beechgrove ’78

The Beechgrove sessions were recorded on the 4th of October 1978 at the BBC’s Aberdeen studios. The Knowe O’Deil were first formed in 1974 and worked with various line-ups until the late 1980s. This is the only known BBC recording of the band with this original line-up.

    1. Maggie Brown’s Jig 01:33
    2. The Road to Dundee 04:20
    3. Nine Points of Rougery/Martin Wynn’s No2/Ian Cooper from Kirkwall 03:14
    4. I wish, I wish/Tripping Up the Stairs 04:30
    5. The Maid of Culmore/Old John’s Jig 03:07
    6. Cam Ye O’er Fae France 02:26
    7. The Cameron Highlanders 02:30
    8. Sixteen Come Next Sunday 02:32
    9. Rakes O’Mallow 02:04
    10. Ae Fond Kiss 03:50
    11. Spoot O’Skerry/Old Copperplate 03:17
    12. Lowlands of Holland 03:35

Musicians: Ivan, Drever, Caroline Drever, Ian Cooper and Nick Austin

Engineered by Ritchie Craib and Doug Maskew. Remastered by Doug Maskew January 2012   (back to contents)


catalogue compiled and designed by John Boocock July 2020