The Viking's Bride (download)

The Viking's Bride  (download)

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The Viking’s Bride was released by The Knowe O’Deil in September of 1987 by Attic Recordings as AT015.

  1. Mrs Wylie's Door
  2. Selkie o' Suleskerry
  3. Holm Band Tune/Mrs Anne Barbour
  4. Sir Olaf/Swaapan for Aaks
  5. Green Fields of Orkney/Scapa Flow
  6. Fifteen Jars o' Rhubarb Jam Rag
  7. The Children of Alba
  8. Dominic McGowan The Ship in Full Sail
  9. Mrs Violet Eunson
  10. The Sea King/Duncan's Favourite
  11. Song for Isa
  12. The Viking's Bride/The Hindenberg Line

These are the original liner notes:

  • Mrs Wylie's Door was written after the acquisition of the latter, which enabled us to build a bunk bed system in the van. This works reasonably well depending on which way the water comes in during the night.
  • The Selkie o' Suleskerry is perhaps one of the best known of the Orkney songs, and, with a beautiful melody, should not be left out of any local collection.
  • The Holm Band is traditional. Ivan wrote Mrs Ann Barbour for a friend who gives regal treatment at her hotel, for guests of the Girvan Folk Club in Ayrshire.
  • Sir Olaf is traditional. Swaapan for Aaks describes the precarious nature of supplementing the diet in Orkney 200 years ago. This involved climbing down and leaning over cliff tops with a net on the end of a long stick and catching the bird.
  • We got The Green Fields of Orkney from Brian Findlay, a local piper. It was written by Pipe Major J. Cumming. The second tune in the set is from the fiddle playing of J. Johnstone.
  • We must thank the producer's wife, Linda Tierney, for Fifteen Jars o' Rhubarb Jam Rag. The tune had been written and recorded without a title. Linda was making jam while we were struggling for a name.
  • Children of Alba is the story of people going home, in this case, to Scotland.
  • Dominic McGowan and Ship in Full Sail are two 'session' tunes which we have been playing for some time.
  • We actually played Mrs Violet Eunson on our first album "Orcadia,"  but owing to difficulties in obtaining it and the number of people asking for it, we have it here again. It was written by  David Eunson one of Orkney's finest tunesmiths.
  • The music for The Sea King is traditional, the words by B. Cornwall. Duncan's Favourite was written by Ivan for his son. Ivan also wrote Song for Isa for his grandmother.
  • The Viking's Bride was a poem written by R. M. Fergusson which Ivan set to music. The Hindenberg Line was written by John Rendall, from the island of Westray.

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